6 Myths About Classical Dance Classes You Think Were Right!

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We comprehend. You don’t necessarily dance every day. It is outside your comfort zone. It’s normal to feel anxious before your first dance lesson. You are a human because you experience this. But just like any other person, you have probably heard tales, voices, and even warnings disguised as advice that kept you from stepping outside your comfort zone. One of those things is taking dance lessons.

Human, guess what? Here, the myths end.

1. I Should Know Dance Beforehand!

You wouldn’t believe how frequently people interested in taking Classical Dance Classes but with no prior dance experience will get in touch with me. The good thing about taking dance lessons is that you can learn to dance entirely from scratch! If you want to sign up for intermediate or advanced Classical Dance Classes or if you want to try out for a performance/showcase/competition dance team, you must already be able to dance.

Just imagine taking dance lessons as going to school for dance. The purpose of going is to learn something, and anyone can go.

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2. I don’t have it!

Anyone can learn to dance; all it takes is practice. Nobody is ever born with the ability to dance; it is something we gradually know as we go through life. Some people, especially if their parents are dancers, grow up in homes or families where dancing is a regular part of life and music is always playing. Additionally, some people enrol in Classical Dance Classes when they are young, which helps them become familiar with it early on and incorporate it into their lives as adults.

I’ll be the first to admit that everyone possesses a “talent” in some area. You’ve probably encountered individuals who excelled at organising, running, cooking, or painting, and it just seemed so natural to them. But this doesn’t negate the fact that they worked hard to get where they are now.

Yes, having “talent” means you might get off to a head start on everyone else, but that doesn’t mean you will never need to practise or put in the necessary effort to maintain your lead and advance. Your initial differences will eventually disappear, making you exactly like everyone else.

Initially, some of my students were really “good” dancers, while others struggled to grasp even the most basic moves. However, with practice and dedication over time, the latter group could catch up to the former, learn the same advanced moves, and become just as “good.” It’s not a matter of if but rather when!

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3. I Need a Partner

Yes, you dance with a partner, but the good news is that if you enrol in a dance class or private lesson, one will be assigned to you. You frequently switch partners and dance with everyone in the room during group classes. If you enrol in private lessons, your instructor will dance with you during the lesson.

The only exception to this rule is if you participate in a particular couples-only class performing more complex or unique moves or if the studio has designed the course to be a romantic or date-night class. Fortunately, the class description usually includes a description of this. At Symphony Of Dance, we provide group or individual partners wherever required!

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4. I have no time!

You can take dance lessons if you have time to watch TV at home on weeknights, go shopping on weekends, and go out to parties every Friday.

It is a matter of priority rather than time. Some people spend a lot of their time doing unnecessary things and don’t add anything to their lives, giving the impression that they have no free time. If you claim to “not have time,” 

There are justifications for not enrolling in Classical Dance Classes. You can DVR the big game or watch a new episode of your favourite show later. Instead of going out on Friday night and staying up late, consider going to bed early so you can take a dance lesson on Saturday morning. And on the weekends, you could attend a dance class instead of spending money at the outlet mall.

Many dance studios offer morning, afternoon, and evening lessons and classes on weekdays and weekends. Some teachers will hold classes at 8 am or 10 pm if you request it. 

5. I Can’t Afford Dance Lessons

You can afford dance lessons if you can afford vacations, new clothes, $100 Nike shoes, a $800 smartphone, drinks with friends, and eating out.

It’s an issue of priority, just like with time. You have money to spend if you engage in any of the activities mentioned above or similar ones. And while I’m not advocating complete sacrifice, you could reassign some of those “pleasurable” expenses to Classical Dance Classes. Cut back on your weekend shopping and eating out, and you’ll find that you suddenly have an extra $100, $200, or $300+ (depending on your lifestyle) that you can put toward Classical Dance Classes or lessons.

Group classes typically cost $10–15 per class and are an option if you’re strapped for cash for any reason. If you sign up for multiple group classes or a class pass, many dance studios will offer you steep discounts so you can continue to learn how to dance.

6. I should wait!

Many potential students have gotten in touch with me and expressed interest in taking Classical Dance Classes, but they want to hold off until they’re “ready.” Since you want to learn how to dance but are too afraid to try it, I’m trying to understand what that means.

I suggest taking Classical Dance Classes to lift yourself up and get outside the house and be around people, doing something fun if you feel down or sad due to “stuff” going on in your life.

Of course, suppose you have recently experienced a divorce or breakup, a severe illness, a death in the family, a move to a new city, or another significant life change. In that case, I can understand why you might need some time to recover before beginning lessons so that you will be emotionally and mentally prepared to begin a new chapter in your life.

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However, if you wait too long, life will interfere, and you won’t get around to taking dance lessons. Now is the ideal time to begin dancing!

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Now that your myths are completely busted, you can choose the best dance class that can accommodate your needs and requirements. At Symphony Of Dance, you can trust our experienced instructors and excellent infrastructure to get you mastery in classical dance form!

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