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Symphony Of Dance: Contemporary Dance classes!

Contemporary dance combines elements of various dance forms and allows performers to display feelings through their breath and body movements. Contemporary dance is an interpretivist dance form that values innovation and combines elements of jazz, modern dance, classical ballet, and lyrical dance. Traditional dance forms’ restrictions do not apply to this genre of dance, which emphasises floor work over leg work and pointe work. Instead, it is characterised by flexibility of movement, fluidity, and imagination, allowing dancers to explore the mind-body correlation and, ideally, evoking the audience’s emotions.

Symphony Of Dance’s contemporary classes are created to reflect the most up-to-date techniques in contemporary dance and are intended to increase your range of motion and physical ability. This class combines floorwork, travelling, and artistic phrases through physiological exercises in the middle of the room to give the participant a complete experience.

Beginner Classes concentrate on fundamental skills and crucial movement quality, are excellent for anyone looking to start from scratch or get back into the swing of things in a comfortable rhythm.

We put a lot of effort into fostering confidence and a healthy sense of self-worth in each dancer. Regardless of talent, everyone is given the chance to be onstage in the front row as our students dance with other children of the same age. We encourage our dancers to express themselves and welcome dancers of all sizes and shapes. At Symphony Of Dance, many lifelong friendships have been made. Every dancer should feel a part of our unique dance family, as is our goal.

Frequency Asked Question

Every student has access to two trial lessons ($25 each, deducted from term fees) before deciding to sign up for the entire year. This, in our opinion, is the best way to guarantee that the class is appropriate for you and your child and that they will enjoy it. Register your interest now, and we’ll get in touch with you to set up your trial lessons.

  • Bottle of water, 
  • necessary dance shoes, 
  • appropriate attire, 
  • extra pins, and 
  • elastics
  • Footwear for the journey to and from class (different from dance shoes)

We all need to practise if we want to get better, especially when tests, events, or performances are coming up. To advance, develop their abilities, and reach their dance goals, all dancers should practise at home once a week and gently stretch each day. How? Ask your teacher!

If you miss a class during the term, we encourage you to make up that class in another class during the week. Speak to your teacher or reception to find a suitable make up class.

Renata Olie

Senior Instructor

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