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Feel The Lyrics, and Dance With The Soul! Join Symphony’s Lyrical Dance Classes

The Lyrical Dance Class combines jazz, modern, and ballet dance. In this genre, motions are planned to the lyrics of the song rather than the music’s beats, and dances are designed to tell stories. It usually allows for greater freedom and release than ballet and is softer and more fluid than jazz. Lyrical Choreography is beautiful because it uses commercial music and numerous current dance techniques to release and enhance body dynamics.

Why is Lyrical Dance Becoming So Popular?

Although it’s not a requirement to take lyrical dance training, having expertise with either of these earlier dance forms will assist you in mastering the style. Thanks to entertainment companies like Cirque du Soleil, it has gained notoriety, and many people find its emotional content appealing. Kids may easily connect to that emotional content, making it a great dance style to teach them. It is more accessible to people of all ages and dance skills since it is less physically taxing than jazz or ballet and focuses more on individual style than precise dance steps.

Lyrical Dance Classes at Symphony Of Dance

Thanks to our instructors’ expertise and training, your child will continue to acquire and hone their lyrical dance talents. Our classes are maintained small so that our instructors can offer each student the attention they need to study without being interrupted. Your dancing abilities will improve thanks to our dance instructors’ flowing and soothing dance expression techniques. Many students discover it is a very passionate dancing that serves as a beautiful, emotional release and outlet. For students to benefit fully from this sort of lesson, we recommend that they have prior experience in ballet or jazz, as it builds on abilities generally gained in those classes.

Frequency Asked Question

Every student has access to two trial lessons ($25 each, deducted from term fees) before deciding to sign up for the entire year. This, in our opinion, is the best way to guarantee that the class is appropriate for you and your child and that they will enjoy it. Register your interest now, and we’ll get in touch with you to set up your trial lessons.

  • Bottle of water, 
  • necessary dance shoes, 
  • appropriate attire, 
  • extra pins, and 
  • elastics
  • Footwear for the journey to and from class (different from dance shoes)

We all need to practise if we want to get better, especially when tests, events, or performances are coming up. To advance, develop their abilities, and reach their dance goals, all dancers should practise at home once a week and gently stretch each day. How? Ask your teacher!

If you miss a class during the term, we encourage you to make up that class in another class during the week. Speak to your teacher or reception to find a suitable make up class.

Renata Olie

Senior Instructor

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