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Students who want to take Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) ballet exams can discover the ballet syllabus from Pre-Primary to Grade 8, and some will be capable of working their way through the Vocational level syllabus from Intermediate Foundation to Advanced 2. The highly structured RAD ballet system is one of the largest and more renown ballet systems globally.

The RAD syllabus is designed to increase in complexity as students progress through the levels; accomplishment of one level does not guarantee that students will be capable of completing the next level the following year. We desire to provide the best opportunity for students to boost confidence through attempting to learn ballet, so we offer class grants and performance awards for students who are not yet ready to take part in an exam.

Ballet students in Pre-Primary and Primary learn the RAD syllabus as a foundation and constructing block for future exams, and they have the chance to engage in an internal demonstration. Successfully working through the grades will provide the sound foundations for pursuing your dancing dreams.

Ballet students in grades 1–8 will learn the curriculum through two weekly ballet classes and a week-long rigorous during the June/July school holidays. It is also advised that students at these levels take part in another dance style, such as jazz or contemporary, or compliment their classes with classifying classes. Pointe-specific conditioning classes are suggested for students in grades 4 and up to help with pointe preparation. Symphony Of Dance is one of Victoria’s leading RAD ballet schools, and we take pride in the calibre of our professional teachers.

Frequency Asked Question

Every student has access to two trial lessons ($25 each, deducted from term fees) before deciding to sign up for the entire year. This, in our opinion, is the best way to guarantee that the class is appropriate for you and your child and that they will enjoy it. Register your interest now, and we’ll get in touch with you to set up your trial lessons.

  • Bottle of water, 
  • necessary dance shoes, 
  • appropriate attire, 
  • extra pins, and 
  • elastics
  • Footwear for the journey to and from class (different from dance shoes)

We all need to practise if we want to get better, especially when tests, events, or performances are coming up. To advance, develop their abilities, and reach their dance goals, all dancers should practise at home once a week and gently stretch each day. How? Ask your teacher!

If you miss a class during the term, we encourage you to make up that class in another class during the week. Speak to your teacher or reception to find a suitable make up class.

Renata Olie

Senior Instructor

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