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Tap dancing: A brief overview

Tap dancing turns the artist from a mere performance into a full-fledged rhythmic instrument, and it is a fun and enjoyable activity. Check out our guide on tap dancing for more information. Tap dancing gets its title from the striking sensation of the performers’ feet.

The basics of tap dancing

Among the most recognisable dance forms in the 21st century, modern tap has developed from various roots. Despite being an American professional dance form, tap has roots in ancient Gaelic jigs, northwest English clog performances from the seventeenth century, and African foot stomping. Tap is a strength and conditioning art that also emphasises sound production. Dancers’ boots’ steel plates make a rhythmic striking sound intended to harmonise with improvised and synchronised movement. Tap dancers can perform in front of an audience while employing music or dance unaccompanied by anything other than the regular groove of their toes. Tap dance has expanded since several early US musicals adopted it.

Benefits of tap dancing lessons

With our amazing lessons from professional artists, you will excel at this form of art and achieve the following benefits: 

By dancing to learning dance moves and maintaining rhythm, these courses help develop mental agility. Training to tap dance can enhance your cognitive abilities and mental discipline. It will aid your kid’s posture by building up their muscular endurance. To execute the moves flawlessly in a dance routine, your child must maintain balance over their toes. Your kid will also be shifting weight frequently from one leg to another. Such tap dance components contribute to better balance. Make up your mind and contact us for unique, affordable tap dancing lessons to outshine your fellow performers.

Frequency Asked Question

Every student has access to two trial lessons ($25 each, deducted from term fees) before deciding to sign up for the entire year. This, in our opinion, is the best way to guarantee that the class is appropriate for you and your child and that they will enjoy it. Register your interest now, and we’ll get in touch with you to set up your trial lessons.

  • Bottle of water, 
  • necessary dance shoes, 
  • appropriate attire, 
  • extra pins, and 
  • elastics
  • Footwear for the journey to and from class (different from dance shoes)

We all need to practise if we want to get better, especially when tests, events, or performances are coming up. To advance, develop their abilities, and reach their dance goals, all dancers should practise at home once a week and gently stretch each day. How? Ask your teacher!

If you miss a class during the term, we encourage you to make up that class in another class during the week. Speak to your teacher or reception to find a suitable make up class.

Renata Olie

Senior Instructor

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